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Windows Dedicated Server Hosting | Top 10 Windows Dedicated Server Hosting in 2019

If you have a business website and you want it to be successful, then you definitely need a web hosting service to back up your business. This is to ensure that your business is not only flourishing, but it is available around the clock. However, given the intricacies involved and the regular updates that go into web hosting makes it essential. That means you get yourself access to a web hosting service, which also offers windows dedicated server hosting.

These are the sort of services that can no longer survive on the basis of their technical capabilities alone. They need to put their money where their mouth is and be more dedicated than they are at this point. Thus, if you are working on a Windows operating system, then you should have a dedicated windows server hosting to offer.

What is Windows Dedicated Server Hosting?

What is a dedicated server? In simple words, it is a web hosting service, as mentioned earlier, should be dedicated to you. This means that should be capable of providing your business and your website the support. It requires to increase and add to its online presence. Furthermore, it should be adept to conforming to your needs by utilizing the very best of what technology has to offer.

A dedicated server hosting needs to be fast, responsive and secure. It should be able to handle an unprecedented amount of traffic, while also easily absorbing any and all changes made to the website. It should have a dedicated IP address and a company’s IT department should be invested in its well-being. 

Thus, a dedicated windows server, considering you are working with a windows operating system is a much better choice than the alternative of using just any hosting service. A dedicated windows server will be more personalized to the needs of your website and be operable in a better manner as dedicated server hosting.

Why Use Windows Dedicated Server Hosting?

Firstly, Windows is one of the most used and preferred operating systems across the globe. Among all the computer using the population of the world, 91 percent of users prefer windows, with 7 percent going for Mac and just 1 perfect opting for Linux. If there is any preference for other operating systems, it is less than 1 percent at most.

Given all those facts, a dedicated windows server will not only be beneficial to your business, but your consumer as well since the chances are that both of you are most likely using the same operating system.

Top 10 Dedicated Server Hosting List

Now that you know what is a dedicated server, and why is a dedicated server hosting the right choice for your business, here is a look at a few windows dedicated server hosting services that are perfectly capable of catering to all your needs. These can be regarded as some of the best dedicated server hosting services in the world and are ranked on the basis of their performance and attention to customer support.

#10  Starthosts: Windows Dedicated Server Hosting

Instead of saving the best for last, StartHosts is the best choice to top any and all lists, when it comes to dedicated windows hosting. It is well placed among the top 10 dedicated server hosting list because of its finesse and the team’s attention to detail.

They provide, without a doubt, one of the best dedicated server hosting services available at the moment. They understand their customer’s needs, and apart for basic packages, provide custom packages to cater to the customer’s need. They live and operate with one mantra alone, make sure that the customer is happy and cared for and this is reflected in their services.

#9 Bluehost

Following Starthosts, Bluehost is another excellent choice in terms of dedicate windows server hoisting. They provide the cheapest dedicated server hosting and offers you excellent prices if you are looking for a long-term commitment. The best thing about Bluehost is its impressiveness in terms of its speed and uptime, which makes it an excellent choice for your business.

#8 HostGator

Another excellent choice in dedicated windows server is HostGator. It can be seen as an established player in a field, with a huge customer base. These people know exactly what they are doing, which makes them one of the most reliable hosts. Not only does it have an excellent support system in place, but it also gives the customer a good relation between features-pricing.

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#7 A2 Hosting

Another entry on our top 10 dedicated server hosting list is none other than A2 hosting. It is not very well-known when compared with other entries on this list. However, it is excellent in terms of features and prices, along with fast speed and excellent uptime makes it a great choice for business. They might be merely above average in all departments, except for the speed the offer, however, their service quality definitely makes up for it.

#6 Liquid Web

As the name suggests, Liquid Web is fluid in the provision of its services and is nothing short of a powerhouse with regard to its speed and other statistics. It offers the very best features that can be expected from the best-dedicated server hosting services and can take care of heavy traffic like no one’s business. Thus, if you are expecting heavy traffic on your website, Liquid Web is the one for you.

#5 SiteGround

Cards on the table, SiteGround is definitely not the cheapest dedicated server hosting services on the list, but it is definitely the coolest. It has one of the very best support systems in place and the features it offers to a typical user are beyond the roof. Thus, if you have money to spare and could do is something amazing, SiteGround is the one for you.

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 #4 GoDaddy

Even the people that do not know what is a dedicated server, are rather well aware of GoDaddy, courtesy of its infamous TV commercials and ad campaigns. They did well for themselves back in the day and continue to be an established name in the field. However, what makes them stand out even further is the fact that GoDaddy is accessible.

It is a huge company with a huge customer base. While that seems like a good thing, at the same time they have a very disappointing customer service. They load time is not better compared to most servers on the list of top 10 dedicated server hosting list and with meager services, their performance is average at best.

#3 IONOS 1&1

Another excellent choice and a known name in the business is IONOS 1&1. It has been in the market for the longest period of time, as of the cheapest dedicated server hosting. However, they cannot be regaled as the best-dedicated server hosting. They provide decent uptime and speed to their users. However, they are not as apt at providing excellent support services. In fact, they do not have live support services at all.

#2 HostWinds

Quite unlike other dedicated server hosting services, HostWinds is new to the game. They have some really amazing features onboard and offer brilliant and competitive rates. However, the do offer considerably lower prices than most services but given their extremely low-speed statistics and terrible uptime, their advantages fade away.

#1 AccuHosting

About AccuHosting, let’s countdown the very best of what they have to offer at first. First off, AccuHosting has an excellent support system in place. They offer some really competitive features at extremely low prices. However, inconsistent uptime and nominal speed are the causes of their downfall.

The Bottom Line

Windows dedicated server hosting services are essential for your business and its online presence, especially given the need for fast and reliable servers in the industry today. You have a range of options to choose from, with Starthosts, Bluehost and HostGator being some of the best options available.

However, remember to be demanding with the dedicated server hosting services you choose. Getting your business a dedicated server to boost its online presence is a responsibility, one that should be handled wisely and in the best way possible.

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