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How to Host a Dedicated ARK Server? A Helpful and Illustrative Guide

A dedicated ARK server, much like a web server, is an extremely powerful CPU that has been put into place to ensure that your online gaming experience is nothing short of brilliant. It ensures that a player, given how serious they tend to be about their games, choosing to put it all on the line to ensure that they stay ahead.

Dedicated ark server

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Now, more often than not, working with a sub-par host server, one that is not equipped to handle the number of players tethered to it, or has way too many players to handle becomes a hassle of sorts. In such times, having a dedicated ARK server that allows you and your friends to play simultaneously with zero game lag not only makes the entire experience more engaging and interactive.

Why get yourself a Dedicated ARK Server?

An ARK dedicated service will be of great merit to your online gaming experience. A dedicated server is there for the sole reason to serve as a host for players, so that the clients, playing the game can connect to and have themselves a good gaming experience. This server handles all the host activities needed to play the game. It keeps tracks of all the players, the levels they are on and their location in the game, the score that has been achieved so far, while also keeping them in sync with the rest of the game.

All this and more are the sole responsibilities of a dedicated server. These servers are cooled constantly, to prevent overheating and crashing and are kept at optimal conditions at all times. This can be incredibly helpful to you if you have an arcade business was giving players access to brilliant gaming equipment and host a large number of players at the same time becomes so much easier.

Merits of Getting a Dedicated ARK Server

In comparison, there are only upsides to getting yourself an ARK dedicated server. As mentioned, the primary reason for this server is to enhance your online multiplayer gaming experience. These dedicated servers are configured to be dedicated ARK servers, connected to an extremely high-speed connection, along with the custom operating system. This is all done in an effort to make sure that it is serving the needs of its clients i.e. the players.

More often than not, such servers that can only handle the functions that are necessary to keep track of what is going on in the multiplayer game. Such dedicated server configuration enables game makers to host thousands of players simultaneously, given the integration of dedicated servers. 

How to Make an ARK Server

Now, given the intricacies involved, creating a dedicated ARK server is rather difficult as compared to buying hosting. However, while it may be difficult, it is cheaper as well. If you are making use of a software that you own, the only additional charges incurred here would be the additional power use and the extra requirement for the internet. Additionally, you can always rent out a VPS to help you with the matter.

VPS can evidently be classified as the best ARK hosting server platform. However, doing so would only do one of two things. Whatever the server does will have to be vetoed by you. This entails that you may have to fix the server, maintain it, back it up rather regularly and even take the blame if the system inevitably crashed. This presents a risk that may just be too much for you, especially in the initial stages of things.

On the other hand, if you choose to host a system using your home connection, the possibility of hosting around 250 players, which is usually why an ARK dedicated server is usually used, the possibility of such an occurrence may very well be a pipedream. The best hope, in such a situation, for you is to buy an ARK server hosting, with an ARK server manager.

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Setting up a Dedicated ARK Server

After all that has been said, the best choice for you in this regard is to get an ARK server hosting. Now, as mentioned earlier, VPS is the best ARK server hosting platform that fits your needs, but it alone is futile for you. Thus, you need to add in an ARK server manager, which can easily handle the relevant ARK server settings for you.

This is where we come in. Starthosts can be of great help to you in the manner. We can not only set up an excellent VPS provider for you but also take things one step ahead and also provide you with an ARK server manager which can handle ARK server settings. A few things we can do for you are;

  • Purchase and set up a VPS for you.
  • Get you a list of specific machines that can enhance the ARK hosting experience for you.
  • Offer great uptime, with gigabits of internet speeds.
  • Get you reasonable and affordable prices.
  • Provide you with a basic guide on what we can do for you.
  • Give you access to a number of subscription plans, based on your needs.

The Bottom Line

The upside of using a dedicated ARK server is that it doesn’t render anything. It just needs a GPU, a high-speed internet connection and great RAM to tell all of the player’s GPU that something is going on in a certain place, making it respond to its essential commands. It is the player’s rendering system that renders these command out of their computers.

A server is there to provide a place for all the events that are going on in the game and present it in a neat little package that is constantly sent out to all the players can cater to all of their needs. This ensures that the game is in-sync for all the players and enables the progression of the game the way it is meant to be done. 

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