How to setup cPanel email account in MacMail OS X Yosemite

This tutorial will show you how to set cPanel email account in Mail application on macOS Sierra/Mojave using POP3 for incoming and SMTP for outgoing mail. There are two possible options for incoming mail, and this article covers just one of them: POP3. POP3 will download emails from Inbox folder to this device only, while […]

What is Reseller Hosting and How Does it Work in 2019?

What is reseller hosting? is a question on everyone’s mind in the age of technology. While there isn’t much of a difference between dedicated hosting services, and reseller hosting services, the way the system has been adapted has truly revolutionised the system. The only difference between the two is based on the needs of your […]

How to Install WordPress Theme a helpful & Illustrative Guide

A collection of stylesheets and templates on WordPress that are used to define the display and appearance is called a Theme. One can not only easily upload a theme to WordPress, but they can also change, manage and even add a theme from the WordPress admin area. However, we understand that the process can be […]

How to Host Your Own Website At Home: A Helpful & Illustrative Guide

How to Host Your Own Website At Home: The digital age has definitely made life easier for us. It has given us complete autonomy and control on our lives, allowing us to do whatever we want and however we want, regardless of where we are. This independence to access required information online comes through web […]

How To Make Your Website Secure – Installation Setup and enforce SSL – https://

How To Make Your Website Secure:  Setting up SSL on your website is not difficult for start hosts customers! It takes around 5-10 minutes for the average user to set up an SSL certificate to make your website secure including configuring your website CMS and enforcing https:// Below are a few methods for installing, configuring […]

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